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How much is the Presidential Rolex?  $33,150
The classic 36mm yellow gold Rolex President costs $33,150 when purchased brand-new at retail. The cost of Rolex President watches increases from there, depending on case size, configuration, and materials.

Gold becomes the new toilet paper: Coin dealers report a huge increase in people buying bullion during the coronavirus pandemic
Gold and silver have become the new toilet paper in Australia as investors pile into coins and bullion as a safe haven during the coronavirus panic.

'Everyone is going bananas for gold and silver and we've seen a lot of excitement around rare coins, too,' said Numismatist Matthew Thompson of Downies Coins and Collectables in Melbourne. Demand has surged with a 200 percent increase in inquiries for both bullion and rare coins, he said.


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https://buygold.boards.net/thread/86/de … ous-online
The world’s largest flawless fancy vivid blue diamond was sold at Christie's for a whopping $23.8 million.
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Traders have reported a growing global shortage of gold bars, as the coronavirus outbreak both disrupts supply and stokes demand, with one business comparing the frenzied buying of the yellow metal with the consumer rush for toilet roll.

Retail investors in Europe and the US have bought up gold and silver bars and coins over the past two weeks in an effort to protect their money from the collapse in global stock prices and many currencies.

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